Presentations 2020

Presentations and recordings from the conference "Make a Difference" 2020

Welcome and introduction

Kristian Cedervall is the Associate Dean for Education at the Faculty of Law. As such, he is responsible for the Faculty's educations, and part of the day-to-day management of the Faculty. His areas of research and teaching include disaster law, risk regulation, state of exception, and human rights.



Kenn L. Hansen has a Master degree in rhetoric from the University of Copenhagen. He wrote his master thesis about the use of PowerPoint. As the founder and CEO of EPO (Links to an external site.), he has been training more than 10,000 people since 2005 in the use of PowerPoint across all industries.

During the talk, Kenn L. Hansen shed lights on the extensive research on presentations (slides), so the participants know exactly how presentations should be applied in academia. The objective was to become acquainted with best practice presentation approach as well as tips and tricks to improve quality.


Panel debate

How can UCPH take advantage of the positive as well as negative digital learning experiences we have gained during the COVID-19 lockdown and use these going forward? Based on a newly published evaluation report on UCPHs experiences during COVID 19 lockdown, panel members delivered their take on how UCPH can use the results of the report to strengthen digital learning and education.

Panel members:
Bente Stallknecht, prorector for education
Kristian Cedervall Lauta, associate dean of education, Faculty of Law
Kirsten Jørgensen, associate professor and deputy head of department for education, Faculty of Science
Nicole Schmitt, professor and deputy head of the department for education, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Anne Mette Thorhauge, associate professor, Faculty of Humanities
Mikkel Rasmus Schmidt, student, student representative in KUUR

Morten Misfeldt, professor, gave an introduction to the evaluation report


Live podcast: Death & Diagnosis

The journalist behind the science podcast "Død & Diagnose" (Death & Diagnosis), Mikkel Andreas Beck and David Pepe Birch performed a live version of the podcast.

In this episode, UCPH teachers Jan Pravsgaard and Adam Bencard talked about epidemics both now and in a historic perspective.