Presentations 2016

Here are all the presentations from the conference "Make a Difference" 2016

Keynote: Seven principles of good feedback practice: putting feedback back into the hands of the user
David Nicol, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education, University of Strathclyde, Scotland

WS1: Learning Design
Janne Saltoft Hansen, Århus Universitet

WS 2: Online course evaluation for active learning
Morten Nyboe Tabor, Postdoc, Department of Economics

WS 3: Feedback with Screencast
Ian Bearden, Professor mso, Experimental Particle Physics, SCIENCE
Karen Voigt, student, SCIENCE


WS A: Activate your students online: Collaboration and discussion made easy with the New Absalon
Chresteria Neutzsky-Wulff, HUM
Henrik Bregnhøj, SUND

WS B: Quiz & Test
Henrik Kaas, SCIENCE
Katrine Kaas Hansen, SCIENCE

WS C: Peer Review
Jeppe Sand Christensen, SCIENCE
Maria Thorell, SUND

WS 4: More than Blended Learning: Designing World-Class Learning Interventions
Clive Shepherd, Learning Technologist (invited speaker)

WS 5: How can Peer feedback make a Difference?
Helle Halkjær Kristensen, Associate Professor, Department of Large Animal Sciences
Maria Thorell, E-learning Consultant (SUND)

WS 6: Engage students through immediate feedback and PowerPoint with speak
Nicole Schmitt, Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Sciences

WS 7 – Student Participation in Large Lectures
Ian Manners, Professor, Department of Political Science
Lise Stenbæk, Senior Consultant, Teaching and Learning Unit of Social Sciences