Make a Difference Conference

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Join the exciting talks, discussions, and networking opportunities with fellow educators from all of UCPH and learn from sharing experiences in teaching with educational technologies - the conference takes place 12 November 2024 at Health / Maersk Building.

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5 Reasons to Join the Conference:

According to a survey, more than 70% of teachers at UCPH would like to improve their skills in digital learning technologies to enhance active participation and learning among their students. join this conference for inspiration:

  • Learn more about AI and ChatGPT in teaching
  • Learn new ways to activate your students
  • Learn about new educational technologies - or new ways to use existing technology
  • Make new connections - network with UCPH colleagues
  • Get new ideas for your teaching!

The conference is for UCPH educators who would like to explore the possibilities of online and blended learning. The focus is on educational technologies (EdTech) in active learning spaces.

Keynote Speakers & Programme 2024

Will be anounced Primo May.

Keynote Speakers & Programme 2023

The full program for 2023 with all materials.
Video recordings are on the way, but will also be linked on the programme page.

The Make a Difference 2023 keynote speakers were:
Professor Siân Bayne: Digital Education Utopia? (based on the Speculative Futures for Higher Education)
Dr. Philippa Hardman: The Risks and Opportunities Presented by Adopting (and not adopting!) AI in HE in Denmark
Read more about the keynote speakers.


The conference is organised by the e-learning units at UCPH and supported by the 2023 strategy funds.
We look forward to seeing you in November!