Presentations and recordings 2020

Make a Difference - Teach and Learn with Technology 2020 took place online. The keynote, panel debate and a few more sessions were recorded. You can find all the 2020 recordings, slides and materials from here including a live version the science podcast "Død & Diagnose" (Death & Diagnosis), UCPH teachers Jan Pravsgaard and Adam Bencard were guests and talked about epidemics both now and in a historic perspective.

Keynote 2020: Kenn L. Hansen on presentations

Panel debate

How can UCPH take advantage of the positive as well as negative digital learning experiences we have gained during the COVID-19 lockdown and use these going forward? Based on a newly published evaluation report on UCPHs experiences during COVID 19 lockdown, panel members delivered their take on how UCPH can use the results of the report to strengthen digital learning and education.

Panel members:
Bente Stallknecht, prorector for education
Kristian Cedervall Lauta, associate dean of education, Faculty of Law
Kirsten Jørgensen, associate professor and deputy head of department for education, Faculty of Science
Nicole Schmitt, professor and deputy head of the department for education, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Anne Mette Thorhauge, associate professor, Faculty of Humanities
Mikkel Rasmus Schmidt, student, student representative in KUUR

Morten Misfeldt, professor, gave an introduction to the evaluation report

Keynotes 2019

Make a Difference - Teach and Learn with Technology was held on April 9, 2019. Our two keynotes were recorded (see below). You can find slides and materials from all sessions here.

Dr. Ian Turner, University of Derby - Interactive Teaching and Engaging Large Classes

Anders Høeg Nissen, - Tech trends, possibilities and challenges

Keynotes 2018

Make a Difference - Teach and Learn with Technology was held 24/4 2018, 

Find all presentations from sessions here.

Keynotes 2016

David Nicol: Seven principles of good feedback practice: putting feedback back into the hands of the user

Find all presentation slides from 2016 here.

Keynotes 2015

Helen Keegan: Curiosity and Curriculum: Adventures in Education and Technology

Flemming Konradsen: Open Educational Resources (OER) – a short cut or a detour to better education

Keynotes 2014

Maria Andersen: Surviving (and Thriving) in the Age of Technology-Enhanced Teaching

Jan Halborg Jensen: I lecture no more