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Keynote: Rikke Ørngreen and Birgitte Henningsen

Video Activities for Learning, Reflection and Collaboration 

Video activities for learning, reflection and collaboration The use of video in various educational forms is exploding in these years, from the use of instructional videos found at youtube used at home for explaining single subjects, to having complete educational programs delivered via video conferences.

In this presentation we will provide an overview of the design and use of various video based activities as a catalyst tool for reflection, learning and collaboration processes. This includes video sketching, digital storytelling, video conference meetings in campus-to-campus and online settings. We will dive in to a specific case of how methods inspired from digital storytelling has shown to raise the participants sense of professional pride and professional empowerment. The methods include individual and collaborative production processes focusing on the creation of personal digital narratives.

About Rikke Ørngreen

Rikke is a professor (with special responsibilities) at the Department of Philosophy and Learning at Aalborg University, in Copenhagen. She is head of the research group: It and Learning Design (ILD) and the research center for VidEO. Rikke researches the design, use and evaluation of learning processes and resources, which integrate digital and online technologies. Of particular interest are video and multimodal activities that support design, collaboration, creation and reflection among people in a variety of spaces and places. 

About Birgitte Henningsen

Birgitte is affiliated with the research center for video at Aalborg University, at the Department of Philosophy and Learning at Aalborg University, in Copenhagen. Here she is writing her ph.d. exploring the potentials of digital storytelling inspired approaches. Birgitte has many years of experience from the private sector, and is a certified digital storytelling facilitator.