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Open educational resources (OER) – a short cut or a detour to better education

Open educational resources are potentially a great teaching- and educational resource, but also challenging to utilize. This presentation will briefly define OER and highlight the opportunities linked with the increased use of OER at course level. Experiences with the use of OER will be highlighted based upon the integration of OER on a small number of courses. The experiences will reflect upon challenges and opportunities as perceived by the course responsible, the teaching team as well as by the participants.

About Flemming Konradsen

Professor at Department of Public Health, director of the School of Global Health, and chairman of the MOOC Steering Committee at the UCPH.
To increase the quality and flexibility of their study programmes and at the same time reach more international students the School of Global Health has experimented with different ways of integrating more online elements into their courses. This development has resulted in a number of new challenges related to administration, pedagogy, technology and resources, but at the same time brought about many benefits in relation to quality and relevance of education, internationalization, student motivation, recruitment, and lecturer competencies.